Facing and Finding Yourself

What if motherhood helped you become whom you were meant to be?

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Parenting, with its intense physical and emotional extremes, can be a crucible in which we are tested and altered. In the alchemical vessel of motherhood, the heat is turned up high. Outdated parts of our personality are melted away, and new structures are forged. Motherhood is a dizzying high wire act, a masquerade, and a communion with mortality. It is a falling from and finding of grace, a falling in and out of love, and heartache by the hour.

Motherhood: Facing and Finding Yourself  uses the universal wisdom of fairy tales and myth to explore motherhood as a rich opportunity for personal development. It examines mothering from a unique vantage point – the psychological growth of the mother herself – and looks at how the joys and challenges of raising children can be a vital part of the journey to wholeness.

Mothering is one of life’s great opportunities to submit to the fires of transformation.

Today, few of us participate in formal rituals of initiation. Even without these, however, life initiates us with events that crack us open, shake us out of our safe, comfortable limits, and challenge us to reconsolidate a sense of ourselves along new, more expansive lines.

Any challenging experience has the potential to cast us into our own depths and open us up to the discovery of great inner riches, but motherhood most of all.  If we allow it, motherhood will reveal us to ourselves with stark clarity. It will demand of us that we discover what matters most to us, and make a stand for that thing. It will help us grow into the person we were meant to be.

Motherhood is going to the top of my recommended reading list for new moms! Lisa Marchiano has written a book all women need to read as they step across the threshold into motherhood.

Britta Bushnell, PhD, author of Transformed by Birth

Through her wise and life-enhancing reflections on the complex entanglements of motherhood, Lisa Marchiano offers an essential guide to navigating the deep, and often treacherous, waters of the archetypal feminine.

Sharon Blackie, MA, PhD