The vital spark

Reclaim Your Outlaw Energies
and Find Your Feminine Fire

An immersive journey to reunite women with their innate humor, cunning, and assertiveness

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Within every woman lies a powerful force. Yet, somewhere along the line, the burdens of responsibility and desire to nurture the ones they love cause that fire to dim, and they lose their sense of self. The Vital Spark brings women on an immersive journey that reunites them with their innate humor, cunning, and assertiveness.

Combining personal stories, intercultural fairy tales, and deep analysis, Lisa Marchiano shares resources that inspire women to break free from the conditioning that has kept them confined to rigid roles and muffled the sound of their soul. Here, she invites us to explore eight core aspects of ourselves: shrewdness, disagreeableness, desire, trickiness, sexuality, anger, authority, and ruthlessness. Each chapter reinforces the truth of our relentlessly human narrative in the truest sense―allowing for the retrieval of our “outlaw” energies and deepest parts of our authentic selves.

Marchiano expertly ties together beautifully curated fairytales with a detailed analysis of the psyche in this exquisitely crafted guide to reclaiming assertiveness, independence, and an understanding of the self.

Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, Founder/CEO, The Gotham Group

The Vital Spark is a sage companion of a book about personal power—crafty, cunning, ambitious, and shrewd—beautifully written and brilliantly realized. As she leads readers through the symbols of fairy tales and cultural narratives, wise, warm Lisa Marchiano guides women out of pleasing, appeasing, and playing nice and toward their own spirited, personal firebrand of psychic freedom. An essential antidote for anyone who has suffered from good girl syndrome, The Vital Spark offers a vision of a heroine with moxie and nerve we can all still grow up to be.

Sarah McColl, author of Joy Enough